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# 1 Organic Behavior

TRENDING: Why It’s So Hard To Lose Weight In The Information Age…

And The #1 Most Organic Behavior you MUST avoid If you Want To Stop Gaining Weight Each Year….

“The #1 Most Organic Behavior”

If you are like most women you probably noticed how much easier it is to gain weight than to lose it, regardless of all the abundant tools, tricks, and weight loss programs on the internet super highway.

Every year the number on the scale keeps creeping up a few notches. EVEN if your trying the best keto-diet or trendy exercise routine like ‘zumba’, and saying ‘yes’ to yoga.

So what the heck is going on?

Turns out there is secret, hardly ever talked about biological survival mechanisms at play that almost know one knows exists.

Savvy marketers and advertisers do.

We are hardwired for safety and security – thousands of years of evolution designed to protect us and keep us safe.

These protective inherent traits cause us to fail with our fat loss programs just when we are about to make a break through.

It’s especially hard not to fall into instinctual behavior when we don’t know what to look for and how to stop it!

Its evident when we switch to the next fad diet or look for the next best exercise, ‘trick or hack’ just when things get tough or progress isn’t immediate.

To make matters worse all the promises made by supplement companies, late night infomercials, trendy fad exercise programs and super star ‘hollywood’ diets…

Prey on these survival behaviors making us stop and question ourselves without even knowing it.

We feel you! We understand it and are willing to help you learn what to look for and what you can do about it.

Finding actionable, real truth-scientific backed information is like trying to find a ‘needle in a haystack’.

I know so cliche’, but so true.

The internet is fantastic, but with so many options it leaves us more ADD, unfocused and sometimes confused about what is real, what works and what’s fake.

Another fine day of patient care. Have a great day!

It makes us second guess ourselves, second guess our progress and sometimes makes us quit – just when progress is finally starting to rear its pretty head.
Most things work some of the time. The real problem that I have found is that people put so much pressure on themselves. When they stumble, just a little bit, they don’t give themselves a break.

Give themselves room to make mistakes and realize that progress, real progress is a life pursuit and not what the gurus say it is.

There are NO real programs, diets or weight loss tricks that can get you thin in 30 days!

That’s great marketing and advertising selling you this.

It didn’t take 30 days for you to get in your current weight and shape now did it?

It’s ok to not be perfect. It’s ok to get side tracked. It’s ok to not look like a supermodel within 3 weeks of trying an exercise, diet or nutritional supplement.

Give yourself a little break! It took some time, perhaps years to create the physical situation you might be in.

Thinking you can drastically lose tons of weight in 30 days, then getting frustrated when you (so call) ‘fail’ which causes you to change tactics, buying the latest greatest fad diet, or exercise program, then repeating the process over and over is addictive behavior.

This #1 addictive behavior is enforced by savvy marketing and advertising companies that prey on your biological survival instincts that you might not be aware of.

You want change and that is great. We are here to help.

We will guide you, console you and mentor you along the way.

The truth is, there is nothing you can’t do with the right tools, education and the right people supporting you.

With that being said… let me introduce you to the “Ugly Truth About Weight Loss (Part 1 of 2)”.

This 5,000 + word article is one example of the type of factual, science backed information that we willingly want you to have FREE access to.


Bill “Tells it like it is” Stiber