Part 4: No Such Thing as ‘Burning Fat’!

Why ‘fat burning’ is not entirely accurate.

In truth we don’t actually burn fat.

But the notion of burning fat has become part of the English language – that its what we call removing fat from our bodies.

Websters dictionary says: fat-burning – idiom – causing one’s body to use the fat it has stored.

In truth the fat cells enlarge and shrink – as we lose fat and burn more calories than we take in. 

Or as we take in more calories, than we burn – our fat cells enlarge.

Fat cells are like little balloons that when they enlarge puff up and can make us look like we ate the whole donut cart for a year strait…

But when the balloon like fat cells are deflated they lay flat in microscopic layers under the skin…

This is when the (perfect) image of ourselves, that we pictured in our minds….

Actually happen, Where we look fabulous and feel so ‘confident’ that there is no other option to wearing that string bikini to a public beach… even when its cold outside;)

Fat cells are designed that way to protect us – to store energy,

“without them… we would have been unlikely to survive through millions of years of evolution.”

It has been there to save us and provide a energy source, up to 3 weeks while we were hunting or gathering for food.

Or from famine…

This doesn’t serve us anymore in today’s world.

Now that humans are no longer in fear of being hunted and killed by lions, saber tooth tigers and a t-rex, nor having to hunt and gather our own foods – worrying about which berries we pick that are poisonous.

We don’t need to store the excess fat.

But our bodies don’t know this.

Our genetics and DNA are still geared towards survival and with that comes the storage of fat..

A protection mechanism… Evolution that goes back millions of years.

How do we fight against our own bodies self defense mechanism thats millions of years old?

Now that humans are no longer in fear of being hunted and killed by lions, saber tooth tigers and a t-rex, …

Good news you can shrink fat down so that the tiny molecules are barely visible to the naked eye.

The key is to rev up your ‘metabolism’ so that it increases the calorie burn, thus causing fat cells to shrink at a rapid pace.

The other powerful way to increase your ‘natural’ calorie burn (fat burn – fat shrinking) is to increase the body’s most powerful ‘fat burning’ hormone – HGH.

There are countless people that were once obese that have lost weight – all the way down to low single digit percentages, and none of them (unless they had liposuction) lost the ‘actual’ fat cells.

None of them Burned fat. They shrunk it.

Good news there are some supplements on the market that actually shrink fat.

Imagine that!

The market calls them ‘Fat Burners’.

But they are not all created equal and many are dangerous to your health.

There are 4 ingredients known to shrink ‘fat cells’ aka burn fat.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum extract: 

Quercetin dehydrate:

Berberin HCl to activate AMPK:


What you want to look for is something that has All 4 ingredients combined. 

I have found only one supplement to date that has all 4 safely merged together.

When all 4 ingredients are combined you get not only a thermogenic fat burn (shrink) but you also get the insulin response protection that actually helps your body to use FAT for energy instead of carbs. 

Most fat burner supplements only include caffeine as their safe thermogenic fat burner ingredient. 

By combining all 4 above with caffeine you get and unstoppable ‘fat burning’ force – keeping the body from storing fat for energy and allowing fat to be utilized first.

Because the supplement industry, and the world really, refers to supplements that increase your metabolism and burning calories as ‘fat burners’,

I will continue to refer to them as fat burners…

The ones that work… that is.

‘fat burners’ don’t actually burn the fat but ignite your metabolism – causing you to burn more calories which in turn shrinks the fat cells…

Now you are in the know

Most ‘Fat burners’ don’t actually burn the fat but ignite your metabolism – causing you to burn more calories which in turn shrinks the fat cells…

And the best ones suppress YOUR Appetite too!

Getting you thinner and thinner over time.

So the key to fat burners is the metabolism boosting properties…

and if you are lucky you can find ones that not only boost ‘your’ metabolism but also increase HGH – Mother natures ‘fat burner’- human growth hormone…

The supplement I use twice daily, and recommend to our patients, not only has a Blend of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum extract, Quercetin dehydrate, Berberin HCl and l-arginine (an HGH booster) but also has green tea extract…

This reduces appetite drastically.

It comes in a neat cream that does’t harm your internal organs, does not cause adverse reactions like pills and capsules, that have binders and fillers that are bad for you.

This stuff works great especially when combined with…

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