Step 5: Consistency AND …

We all want it now!

Super size me.

Drive through nation – here we come.

Instant downloads.


Apple pay.

Instant downloadable ebooks & kindle books on demand.

But when it comes to fitness and all around wellness – consistency is the key.

Steady progress is better than hitting it hard.

Slow and steady winds the race.

There is totally unrelated a story about the turtle and the hare – where the hare loses a race because he becomes overconfident because he is ‘fast’.

Ever hear it?

In it the turtle wins a ‘foot race’ against the bunny because he takes slow and consistent progress (steps).

One foot in front of the other, never giving up.

The rabbit, who can run faster takes a nap (overconfidence, distractions, shortcuts, quick wins) and ends up loosing the race.

When it comes to weight loss, buring fat (shrinking fat) and general fitness..

take it one day at a time.

One foot in front of the other.

One step, two steps, one day, and one week and then one month, A YEAR…

Gradual progress is slow(er) – FASTER.

Slow is smooth…

and smooth is FAST!

Injuries can leave you more days out of the gym (kickboxing class, cycling etc)… destroying all the progress you made…

Working fast and hard is ok from time to time but its not sustainable – unless you take ‘fat burners’ that have green tea extract in them.

And then you should still take it slow(er) and Pick a goal.

Pick a weekly goal.

Once you reach it…

Then raise it, and ‘rinse and repeat’…

In no time you will have more stamina for longer yoga sessions, be able to hit the weights harder, run faster, and peddle like a crazy woman in your group cycling class.

Another reason for taking it slow and being consistent is to avoid injury.

Injures are the #1 a reason people fail from exercises like sports, Marathons (running), HIIT, Tabata, etc.

Injuries can leave you more days out of the gym (kickboxing class, cycling etc)… destroying all the progress you made.

Again remember the turtle and the hare?

Its just not worth it!

Another reason consistency is important is that the body is designed to be worked (movement) – It likes it and responds well to it, daily.

The constant working (exercising) of the heart and lungs builds and protects our bodies from extremes.

Like when something bad happens such as a near miss – car crash, or someone runs a red light and almost hits you by mere inches…

Where jolts of adrenaline pounds through your veins, causing you to become short of breath, face flushed red, hands shaky, and your heart to pump like a jack hammer.

Consistency working out protects your heart from heart attacks that are more likely to happen when a serous or scary thing a occurs.

Also taking it slow allows you to measure yourself, get in little wins that keep you motivated and keep you feeling great about what you are accomplishing.

Plus if you are using the walking guide that I laid out earlier, you are all ready making steps towards this positive – consistent exercise behavior and ….

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