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The Untold ‘Truth’ About Mother Natures Stimulant

Caffeine isn’t the kick starter drug that you thought it was.

If anything its a sneaky imposter! 

Millions of people drink coffee, tea and energy drinks each year, some for its medicinal properties – some for the ‘buzz’ of energy.

Every morning I wake up and drink a pick me up TO jump start the day.

But caffeine is not the enemy that some believe it to be!

Caffeine has its place and is neither good nor bad – just like fire!

Yet fire can kill, damage homes, and forest fires destroy vegetation and wildlife – if left unchecked.

But fire can also help restore farmers’ lands, yielding better crops, by returning nutrients to the soil and clearing the land of unwanted plants and weeds.

Long term use of ingestible caffeine can harm the body and puts undue stress on the adrenal systems.

Causing sleep problems and increased stress!

Ice is something we use daily to cool our favorite beverages and to store perishables while on a road trip, picnic or while at the beach.

Water from melting glaciers (ICE) provide 1.8 trillion liters (470 billion gallons) of water each year.

Water can damage and kill as well. Hurricanes, floods and heavy rain can destroy homes, displace people and cause heavy infrastructure damage.

Yet every human being, animals and life on this planet require water to survive – in one form or the other.

But did you know that its not actually caffeine that is the dangerous problem?

It’s the delivery system – the fact that its ingested in through the mouth into the stomach.

When caffeine is taken orally the side effects, and all the bad things your read about – are magnified!

But all the negative effects of caffeine, all but disappear when not ingested and used differently.

A better delivery system has found its way to us.

Here’s what caffeine actually does to give you that BUZZ!

Your nervous system uses special receptors to monitor your brain and all your body’s levels for proper function – to make sure that you are moving, working, and operating properly.

Caffeine can give the you the much needed ‘boost’ but with it can come the dreaded crash.

Here’s what caffeine actually does to give you that BUZZ!

However to keep the high going you must keep dosing, over and over until your adrenals are taxed – causing an exhaustion (but awake like state).

What if there was a better way to take caffeine that doesn’t cause the crash and gives a clean ‘gentle bump’ of energy and ‘mental alertness’ throughout the day?

Caffeine affects the brain and body by increasing alertness and boosting energy which makes us feel – GOOD (duh)!

To understand this let me introduce you to (3) chemicals that affect this process…

Adenosine, Adrenaline, and Dopamine.

At a basic level caffeine creates it’s alertness by blocking Adenosine when you sip your morning joe – your adenosine receptors can’t tell the difference.

As the day wears on, more and more adenosine passes through those receptors — and it makes you sleepy. It’s one of the reasons you get tired at night.

Caffeine has multiple affects on the brain – the reason most people reach for a cup of coffee (tea) or favorite energy drink – the ‘buzz’.

BUT when the brain doesn’t get enough Adenosine it will create more receptors and this requires more caffeine…

which is why most people build up a tolerance to caffeine and need to ingest more to the get the same ‘buzz’!

But the party can last for only so long.

Caffeine may give you that much-needed morning boost, but it can also make you crash—hard.

It takes about four cups of coffee to block half of the brain’s adenosine receptors. With that many receptors clogged, the adenosine mounting in your body has nowhere to go.

So when the caffeine wears off, all that extra adenosine rushes through your receptors. It takes a long time for your body to process the huge flow of new metabolites.

And guess what? It leaves you feeling even groggier than you felt before, causing you to reach for more caffeine.  

And the repetitive cycle continues on!

Which can lead to addiction!

But the party can last for only so long.

Caffeine also stimulates the brain to produce adrenaline – (the fight or flight hormone).

This increases blood pressure, elevates heart rate, opens airways, redirects blood from some organs (like the stomach) to the muscles, causing the liver to release sugars.

Caffeine increases mood by delaying Dopamine (reabsorption) making us ‘feel good’. 

In Summary:
Adrenaline – is a hormone that produces ‘energy’ (fight or flight).

Adenosine – is neurotransmitter that makes us ‘tired’ – when caffeine blocks these you get energy!

Adenosine – is neurotransmitter that makes us ‘tired’ – when caffeine blocks these you get energy!

Dopamine – is a neurotransmitter that makes us ‘feel good’.

If you exercise you may have experienced this yourself – After exercise the body releases extra dopamine causing the ‘runners high’ – exercise euphoria!

Who doesn’t want an instant feel good tonic easily obtainable in the form of a delicious beverage?

I know I do… I love coffee!

I am not anti caffeine – I am actually a big proponent and still drink coffee daily because I have found a hidden secret to getting abundant all-day-energy without the shakes, crashes or any side effects!

There is a better more efficient way to get a ‘gentle bump’ of energy, sustain it throughout the whole day – without the crash.

Like harnessing the energy of your 18 year old self!

Without any side effects damaging your liver and internal organs.

It called transdermals.

Transdermals, skin creams, and patches have been around for over 20 years and have been proven to be the most effective.

Ever hear of the nicotine patch?

That’s a transdermal.

Transdermal caffeine is a healthier and more effective alternative to coffee and energy drinks – without the typical downsides such as sugars, calories, heartburn, upset stomach or energy crash afterwards.

Transdermals have been proven to be more effective at delivering its dose than oral medications, supplements and powders.

The reason is that when we take something orally it has to pass through the digestive system.

Liver damage is caused from the body having to overwork to filter harmful substances which many ORAL supplements, energy drinks and coffee beverages have in them.

Every time you take a pill, capsule or take a drink, your liver and kidneys have to filter out the unneeded and unwanted byproducts (binders, fillers and other ingredients) it takes to manufacturer this product in digestible form.

Ever notice that when you have a headache you take a pill, tylenol, ibuprofen, etc and then it’s about 30-60 minutes before the headache starts to fade?

That’s what has happened, the pain medicine had to be digested and then filtered by the liver and then released into the bloodstream.

That’s also why it takes about 60 minutes before you are fully amped up after a cup of coffee.

There is a better more efficient way to get a gentle bump of energy, sustain it throughout the whole day – without the crash.

Here’s A story.

When an overweight woman came into our clinic she saw this handsome man sitting behind the counter with wide shoulder of a linebacker, small tight waist, nice thick arms…

She knew this wasn’t the place for her.. There is no way this handsome fit man can help her with her weight problems…

No way he can understand her plight.. just look at him what can he possibly understand about being fat?

But her friends told her the people at this clinic helped them lose weight but more importantly helped them keep it off…


But what she didn’t know was the man behind the counter was just like her…

He used to be fat and troubled with being overweight all his life…

He would try fad diets loose the weight and get in decent shape and then Yo Yo right back to his pudgy self in no time.

This went on for years..

She didn’t know this because she judged him by what he looked like NOW!

This man was me.

When I was 12 I was a pudgy boy – true story.

I was so self conscious and would wear large shirts to try and hide my buldging belly and neck.

I was insecure and desperately wanted to fit it.

I had a wonderful mom who understood what I was going through and let me ride my bike to school the following year.

Within 6 months I was thin, had abundant energy and was more self confident… and I made friends – people actually liked me!

I remember it like it was yesterday,.

The constant exercise to and from school help ignite my metabolism… I didn’t know it at the time but that was one of the key ingredients to getting thin.

It didn’t stick because I soon starting riding in a car to school with the cool kids and then I gained the weight back.

This happened on an off all my life – the choices I made left me overweight, alone and self conscious.

So when I tell you I understand the plight of a chubby person – I lived it.

Thankfully I joined the military, learned some valuable medical knowledge, and kept learning after I got out of the military.

I now apply my knowledge to helping people like you (and me) get the fat off and more importantly -keep it off!

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