The Ugly Truth About Weight Loss (Part 1 of 2)

WARNING: This copy is ‘truth‘. On purpose I am telling you ‘how it is’. I am not making any friends with the fitness industry, SUPPLEMENT industry, specifically the marketing world that only cares about selling the latest and greatest fad diet, exercise DVD, potion, lotion or magic pill.

“It’s like being a (drug) addict.”

Not my statement

I was talking with a friend of mine who is a leader in the fitness industry. She’s probably one of the top fitness trainers in the world at what she does – transforming movie star’s bodies.

Names are never discussed – (HIPPA compliant) with respect to privacy, yours, hers and her clients.

Several clients had been referred to her – all were frustrated with the weigh loss results they had been getting…

They grew tired of trying all the fad diets, newest fat burners, slim teas, ‘trending’ books and exercise DVD’s about losing weight.

They became Frustrated at all the swindlers and late night infomercials – interruption advertising taking up their SOCIAL feeds- Facebook,  Instagram whatever!

The very first thing every single woman told my friend is that they wanted out of ‘the game’ (off the hamster wheel), they wanted it to stop, they wanted to block all the advertisement tricking them into the next best thing…

Convincing them that a magic solution exists – ‘8 minute abs’, pole dancing, vibrating belt, thigh master, ‘bikini body’, ab roller, grapefruit diet, shake weight, slimming teas, etc.

They were tired of the overload of marketing bombarding them with false promises and contradictory information about weight loss and fitness.

But the minute each and everyone of them tried something NEW and it didn’t work immediately, they went back into old behaviors. 

They purchased or tried the latest and greatest thing in some random video or blog post.

They couldn’t quit, kept doing the same thing over and over, “Its like being a drug addict”

Survival instincts kicking in!

We are hardwired for safety and security and switching to the next fad diet or exercise craze gives us that.

Yet safety and security don’t burn fat NOR get us fit.

Many of these safety mechanism just don’t help us ANYMORE.

Safety mechanisms designed to keep us FROM taking unnecessary risks and MAKING gambles with our lives in a hostile Neanderthal (saber tooth tiger) world.

The internet is fantastic, but with so many options it leaves us more ADD, unfocused and sometimes confused about what is real, what works and what’s fake.

These safety mechanisms that were once there to keep us from getting eaten or killed now make it so we gravitate towards the easy, frictionless, ‘the secrets’, loop holes and sexy tips versus fundamental strategies that actually work.

These million years of evolutionary traits just don’t serve us anymore.

But such is the pull of easy, ‘I want it now‘, supersize me, Netflix, apple pay, Instant This, and Instant That.

Yet in reality we don’t need saving anymore.

Savvy gurus who understand these universal laws, leverage these flaws and instincts to their advantage.

The answer is change! Change your mind, change your body 

Women often come into our clinic with various illnesses, questions and concerns mostly about weight problems.

Many have hormone issues and a surprising (alarmingly) number of women are under the age of 30.

Meet Rose (real name protected for privacy) a 27 year old woman that came into our clinic wanting to lose weight (excess body fat).

Our clinic works with all kinds of illnesses and disorders, with an emphasis on hormones and weight loss.

To be fair losing weight is not the real goal, getting fit, lean and losing the excess ‘fat’ is.

But as Rose put it “I need to lose weight”, to fit into my bridesmaid dress; my sister is getting married in the fall.”

So we set about helping her identify her goals, problem areas etc.

Almost always we begin with education, or re-education.

The internet is great, with a few key strokes and some google massage you can find out about almost anything.

But the problem that I have found is that there is just too much information.

Most, not all, is someones opinion NOT backed by any facts or scientific evidence, especially when it comes to weight loss – aka fat loss.

No wonder people like Rose and the average person is confused about what it takes to really get in shape, burn fat and keep it off.

It surprises me how many women ask the same questions or are frustrated about the same things that are bothering them.

The internet is fantastic, but with so many options it leaves us more ADD, unfocused and sometimes confused about what is real, what works and what’s fake.

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